Silva Cycles specializes in hand built frames to meet the needs of any avid cyclist. Custom frames allow an infinite number of options for both function and looks. I will work with you to match your riding style with dream bicycle frame. All frames are fit to your body proportions to maximize power, comfort and efficiency. Below are just a few different styles of bikes that are available, each designed by people like you.

The French touring bike or Randonneur is the type of bike which, for me, symbolizes the true essence of cycling. These are ultra high-performance bicycles, designed to be comfy enough to ride all day, handle relatively light weight, and last for years. These bicycles are traditionally lugged and silver brazed steel. Bring out your inner constructeur and design the bike of your dreams.

"I've ridden a lot of bikes in my day and each had something I liked about them. This is the first bike I've had that fused all little things I liked from other bikes together." --Tahn

Tahn is a top bike mechanic in California. He has been riding almost as long as he has been walking.


Club Ride

The club ride is at home on those long weekend rides with your buddies, or an organized century. This bike is built with lighter weight material and components but is still built to last for years. Steel is the material of choice for this ride, but not the only option. Aluminum is also available for the truly weight sensitive, and for those of you who crave a more exotic material Titanium is the only way to go.

"It is the most stable bike I've ridden. It's a real upgrade from the Miyata, and a real arrow of a ride, and of course it fits me perfectly." -Robert Orr

Bob is an avid rider with a mere 30 years of riding under his belt who now rides with Alamden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC).

"This is my go to bike. My goal when building this frame was to build the most comfortable bike possible that I can use for daily commuting, and an all around grocery getter. Mission accomplished!" --Bronson Silva

The Pourter bike is the work horse of the bicycle world. These frames are designed to handle lots of weight up front. Lugged steel is the material of choice to deal with the added stress of performing under load. The upright position of this type of bike makes it very comfortable cruising around town. Combining functionality with comfort makes this type of bike a truly great!



Hard-Tail Mountain

Mountain bikes are great fun. There are few things like the getting out on your favorite trail and letting it all hang out. This hard-tail is built around a light weight steel frame. All materials are customer choice. 

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